A Worn Letter

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A Worn Letter
Place this inside of the cache and wait a few moments to unlock its items.
Single Use:

A Worn Letter is an item that can be found in H1Z1. The description of the letter will tell where the loot cache is located that can be opened with the key.

Variations[edit | edit source]

A tattered journal, most of the pages are destroyed except for a prominent one which has a key taped at the bottom of the page. The page reads:

Day 51 Pleasant Valley is overrun, I took what I could and locked everything else away in the cave near the church. God help us.


Location: Inside the cave under the church in Pleasant Valley.

A worn envelope with a short letter and a key inside of it. The letter reads:


I put our leftovers under the dam bridge. The damn dam bridge! Hahahah.


Location: Underneath Misty Peak Dam.

A torn letter with a small key on a ribbon stapled to it. The letter reads:


The stash is in the cabin at Ruby Lake. Don't touch my borscht.


Location: On the right-side pier in Opfer Wilderness Camp.

An odd envelope covered in doodled orange arrows with a key and a letter inside. The letter reads:

Awesome Roy -

Yo dude, I put the stash under the Pisspot Water tower like we talked about, here is the key.


Location: A shed next to the water tower east of Wake Hills Hamlet.

A small manila envelope that contains a letter and a single sheet of paper. The letter reads:

Runners -

This is the key to the cache. Don't step in that toxic shit in the cave. I did and it started melting my shoe.

- Rhonda

Location: Inside the cave at Dirty Deeds Disposal.

A tattered page with a key taped to it. The page reads:

Echo -

The loot is under the radio tower on top of VP.

"The nights of blood are the nights of most impatience."

- Skal, Ellohime

Location: At K69.0FM Radio Station.

Folded skull stationery page with a key inside of it. The page reads:

Shorty -

I hid the trade stock in the freezer of the LJ's in Pleasant Valley. This is the key. Put some different food in there, I am sick of eating these damn moldy waffles and potatoes.

- Lorik

Location: In the freezer of Long Johnstons Steakhouse in Pleasant Valley.

An envelope with a letter inside. The letter reads:


I put the stash in between some storage containers in the Villa Development.

-Farmer Jon

Location: Between the blue containers in the middle of The Villas Development.

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