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"Charged Phone Quest".

As you know you gather a Dead phone from somewhere in the hospital along with 3 weak Weak Cellphone Battery. Following the creation of this Charged Phone you turn it into a Radiology Desk. When you receive the a crumpled note from this desk it is as far as you can go.

Charged Phone
The phone has the following text message exchange:

Marc: u there yet?
Me: yep
Marc: k have a good night
Me: lol werkin raido 2nite
Marc: rly?
Me: ya is busy 2night so goin there
Me: be late 2night
Marc: K see u l8r

Craftable, Quest
Max Stack:
Single Use:
1 × Dead Phone
3 × Weak Cellphone Battery
To craft the recipe, you need to use the ingredients near a workbench.

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