H1Z1 Invitational Crate

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H1Z1 Invitational Crate
H1Z1 Invitational Crate.png
This crate contains skins themed around the H1Z1 Invitational and Battle Royale.

NOTE: These skins are not consumed and will not be lost on death.

Account Items, Crate
Single Use:

The H1Z1 Invitational Crate is an item reward crate filled with unique items that the opener can win.

This crate must be opened with the H1Z1 Invitational Crate Key.

Possible Rewards

Possible Rewards

Ultra Rare Rare Uncommon Common
Toxic AK47.png Twitch Hoodie.png Pro Gamer Hoodie.png CDNThe3rd T Shirt.png
Toxic Shotgun.png Toxic Mask.png Toxic Gloves.png CohhCarnage T Shirt.png
Toxic Kevlar.png Toxic Boonie Hat.png Emote Fisticuffs.png CurvyLlama T Shirt.png
Toxic Combat Knife.png Emote Beg.png DasMEHDI T Shirt.png
Emote Pelvic Barrage.png Emote Flex.png GoldGlove T Shirt.png
GrimmyBear T Shirt.png
Iijeriichoii T Shirt.png
Itmejp T Shirt.png
LegendaryLea T Shirt.png
Lirik T Shirt.png
Lowco2525 T Shirt.png
OMGitsfirefoxx T Shirt.png
OPscT T Shirt.png
RhinoCrunch T Shirt.png
SeriousGaming T Shirt.png
Sodapoppin T Shirt.png
Summit1G T Shirt.png
Sxyhxy T Shirt.png
Towellie T Shirt.png