Laminated Tactical Body Armor

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Laminated Tactical Body Armor
This body armor provides basic protection against bullets and added protection against bladed weapons.
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In-Game Info

Where do you find it.[edit | edit source]

The so called "Lammy" can be found scaterred around the game world, but mostly in airdrops.

How durable is it.[edit | edit source]

Being a huge counterpart of a makeshift armor it can protect you form :

  • Three shots from the M9 Pistol
  • One shot from a 308. Hunting Rifle
  • Six arrow hits from a Recurve Bow and a Crossbow
  • Two shots from any other weapon

Does it protect you from melee Weapons/Fists?[edit | edit source]

It mostly depends on where do you get hit, When hit into a chest with a fist, then it barely deals any damage, there is also a small chance for making a "Lammy" Carrier bleed, When it comes to a Combat Knife or a Machete, it usually protects you the same way it protects you from most of the firearms, Just two hits, only if the attacker actually hits the chest and not the head.