Rabbit Meat

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Rabbit Meat
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This meat is raw and must be cooked before consuming.
Food, Ingredient
Max Stack:
Single Use:

Overview[edit | edit source]

Rabbit Meat is a renewable source of food that is used to replenish Energy and craft other items.
After killing a rabbit, the player can use any sharp weapon to harvest the meat by pressing the use key (E by default) on the animal. Spears cannot be used.

Harvesting a rabbit can return 0-5 Rabbit Meat.

Eating uncooked Rabbit Meat will fill ?? energy, but will damage the player for ?? health.
Rabbit Meat can be cooked on a campfire or barbecue to create cooked rabbit which restores more energy and does not damage the player.

Each Rabbit Meat takes 10 seconds to cook.
If combined with salt and purified water this will create rabit stew, a food used to replenish Energy, hydration and stamina.

Crafting[edit | edit source]