Wooden Body Armor

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Wooden Body Armor
Wooden Body Armor.png
This wooden body armor will decrease damage done to the chest.
Asset Info
In-Game Info
1 x Duct Tape
10 x Scrap of Cloth
6 x Wood Plank

Wooden Body Armor is an item found in H1Z1. This armor is less effective than Plated Body Armor and Laminated Tactical Body Armor. Damage is absorbed based on the attack type.

Damage mitigation effectiveness from least to most:

  • Gun damage (Least)
  • Piercing/slashing melee
  • Blunt melee
  • Punching (Most)

Crafting Ingredients[edit source]

Wooden Body Armor can be crafted.

The player needs to have the following crafting ingredients:

Gallery[edit | edit source]